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Funeral Program Binding in Nairobi Kenya.

A funeral program can be as big as you want. After all, it is a great way to showcase the life and times of your loved one. Once you have designed and is ready to print the funeral program, it is essential to consider our binding options.

There are multiple binding options at your disposal. Each has its advantages, and so it is up to you to decide what works best. We offer multiple binding options for funeral programs. Keep reading to find out I we work for you.

Our Funeral Program Binding Options 

  • Saddle Stitching

In funeral program binding this is the most common and inexpensive method for funeral programs. It features folding the pages then stapling them together. It creates a flat booklet and is ideal for anything with fee pages and thin paper. We insert two staples and fold the boom at the spine. This is easy and convenient.

  • Square Fold Saddle Stitched

This is a luxurious variation of the saddle stitch method. It features the same process but produces a square fold. This is ideal for opening the program flat, which is best for programs with many pictures and text.

  • Spiral Binding

Finally, we also offer spiral binding. As the name suggests, it features a plastic spiral threaded through holes in the pages. This is ideal for funeral programs that use thick paper and have a lot of images. It lets you lay the booklet flat and even fold over the other page.

In Conclusion, we hope that we can serve you through our binding options. We are precise and even offer design and printing services for your convenience. Therefore, our funeral programs will serve their purpose and act as precious keepsakes for attendees. Additionally, our prices are affordable. Therefore, the next time you need a funeral program, come to us, and we will make it happen affordably.