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Off-Set Printing in Nairobi Kenya.

Off-set printing is a type of printing that uses plates often made from aluminum. They transfer the image onto a rubber ‘blanket’ after which the ‘blanket is rolled onto a sheet of paper to transfer the image. This form of printing is the best one for large-scale production. This is because off-set printing presses run efficiently and provide high-quality results.

What is Off-set Printing Used For?

Off-set printing is popular in large-scale production. If you are on a limited timeframe, you have a better chance of mass-producing flyers, booklets, posters, and other documents with offset printing. Schools and colleges prefer this method of printing because it makes mass production easier and quicker. Furthermore, the more you print, the cheaper it is. It could also help your business significantly when you need to produce marketing materials in large quantities. And there is no better place to get high-quality offset printing than here.

Our Off-set Printing Services

Among the hoard of services we offer is off-set printing. We have invested in the best technology in the market. This means that we have high-functioning offset printers ready to run multiple sequences to produce the documents you need.

We can guarantee exceptional results that will meet your standards. Expect the use of high-quality paper to safeguard against tearing, especially during transportation. Also, we use clear and legible ink in different shades and hues. We can correctly match your brand colors with no exceptions.

As for price, we strive to ensure that our services are affordable, and this is no different. We offer offset printing services at a competitive price per industry standards. Choosing to work with us today is an opportunity to join our portfolio of satisfied and happy clients.

So the next time you think of offset printing, think of us. It can improve the way you produce various marketing materials, and with our services, you have a better chance to grow and spread awareness.