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Heatpress Services In Nairobi Kenya.

You will likely encounter heat press printing in your search for t-shirt printing. Heat press printing is one of the most common methods of print branding on fabrics. But its uses spread beyond branding t-shirts.

Additionally, there are multiple reasons why many turn to this form of printing. Heat press could be what you are looking for to take your branded products to the next level.

What Is Heat Press Printing?

This form of printing uses a heat press machine. The machine imprints a design or graphic on materials (substrates) such as a t-shirt. It transfers the print using heat and pressure, applied for a set time.

There are a variety of heat presses available– some use vinyl, while others use solvent ink. The most common imprint designs on fabrics such as t-shirts and hoodies.

However, some unique machines can transfer designs onto mugs, plates, and even caps. Therefore, do not limit your products to just clothing when you consider this printing method.

Advantages of Using Heat Press Printing

  • Cost-effective

    . Heat press printing is cost-effective for small orders. Therefore, if you are an individual looking to personalize an item, screen printing should prove affordable. The same goes for small businesses printing uniforms for a few staff or limited promotional items.

  • Speed.

  • Heat transfer printing promises faster outputs, especially if printing more than three colors. The process allows you to print multiple colors at once. So if you are on a deadline, it is the ideal choice.
  • High resolution

    . Heat transfer printing produces high-resolution prints. It is a good choice for images with a lot of details. The process effectively captures the details for an accurate outcome, thus preserving uniqueness.

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Heat press printing is the ideal choice for businesses and individuals needing intricate images with three or more colors. Not only will heat pressing complete the prints quickly, but you can also expect high-quality outcomes.

Our heat press printing services are available to small business owners, corporations, and individuals. Partner with us today for affordable prices and the best printing outcomes.